Get ready for Rainimals!

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We hope you are getting as excited about Rainimals as we are here at Guilty Goat!

Since our last blog post at the end of October, we have been super busy trying to finish the game and get everything ready for launch. Unfortunately our initial plans to release it before Christmas suffered a setback, but we are now all set and have a definite launch date of 21st January!

In November we started our beta testing phase for iOS. This has been a big success, giving us lots of useful feedback that we have used to improve the game. This included making the controls more responsive and tuning the difficulty to make the game more accessible. We are also thankful to the testers who pointed out the odd bug here and there!

By the end of November we had also revealed our official gameplay trailer on YouTube. We also unveiled downloadable wallpapers and face masks on our website, all things we had great fun making!

Last week was a major milestone in the project for us. At the beginning of the week, we started our Android beta testing, which is currently in progress. By the end of the week we had also finished the development phase of the game for iOS, which culminated in the submission of the game to the iTunes app store!

We are now entering the real marketing phase of the project, building up to the launch next year (but not before a well-deserved break for the team over the Christmas period!). Hopefully you will see Rainimals appearing soon on YouTube and game review websites!

Bring on 21st January 2016 and the release of Rainimals!