Developer: Guilty Goat Ltd

Platforms: iOS (8.0+), Android (4.0+)

Price: FREE with in-app purchases

Release Date: 21st January 2016

Languages: English

Genre: Endless animal-dodger

Website: www.rainimals.com

Social:  Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Google+  |  YouTube


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Rainimals is an endless animal-dodging journey for iOS and Android!

Play an addictive arcade game where colourful creatures, weather-related mayhem, infinite levels, and quick-reflexes are the order of the day. Navigate your way through wave after wave of robots raining from the sky in two exclusive game modes: Story and Challenges.

In Story mode, lead Panicky Professor and Sensible Scientist through addictive levels of infinitely increasing difficulty in a variety of exciting locations. Rescue and then play as the missing animals, including Perky Pug, Cool Cat, Guilty Goat, and more! Collect unique power-ups and harness the power of the weather!

In Challenge mode, race against the clock in a series of fiendishly difficult challenges designed to test your dodging and collecting skills to the limit. Do you have what it takes to win all the trophies? Share your progress with friends and beat their scores!

Rainimals is an endless animal-dodging journey for iOS and Android!
Help the Panicky Professor and Sensible Scientist navigate their way through wave after wave of robots raining from the sky. Unlock new characters to play and new worlds to explore. Collect power-ups and harness the power of the weather!


Key Features

  • Addictive levels of infinitely increasing difficulty
  • Colourful characters to collect, each with individual emotions
  • Amusing sound effects and motivational melodies
  • Discover the quirky story behind the mayhem
  • Harness unique power-ups to help you on your way
  • Explore a variety of exciting locations
  • Compete in challenges against the clock to win trophies
  • Create and customise hilarious scenes from the game, and share with your friends!



The Rainimals Story

It’s almost time for the grand opening of the world’s first cyber-zoo!

In a top-secret scientific laboratory an unlikely duo have been creating the revolutionary new breed of robotic animals that will be on display. Panicky Professor and Sensible Scientist have been working through day and night, isolated from the outside world and the impending disaster that looms…

In order to build the perfect specimen for the zoo, they have been creating robotic clones using real animals from around the world. This involves putting the animals into the computer scanner, building the robotic parts and then programming them with emotions.

Things were going great for the team… Sensible Scientist had gathered all the necessary animals from around the world and run them through the scanner, and Panicky Professor had assembled each robot clone. They were just about to upload emotions to each robot and bring them to life, little did they know what was going on outside…

A devastating tornado was on a direct path for the laboratory! The Professor and Scientist had no warning or time to save the animals. They took shelter whilst the storm hit, and could only hope that damage would be minimal.

When the winds died down they emerged to find that the laboratory had been almost completely destroyed, and there were no animals or robots in sight! Stepping outside to reflect on what had happened, they found it was raining… but this was no ordinary weather… it was raining cats and dogs!

The robotic creatures for the cyber-zoo were falling rapidly from the sky, each one electrically charged from the storm, wreaking havoc wherever they landed and electrocuting anyone unlucky enough to be standing underneath! However the real animals were nowhere in sight…

Now Panicky Professor and Sensible Scientist have set out on a mission, to rescue the missing animals that have been sucked up into the sky, and find a way to fix the weather!

Disaster has struck the world’s first cyber-zoo in the run-up to the grand opening. The professor and scientist had been creating a revolutionary breed of robot clones using animals from around the world, but their attempts have been thrown into chaos by a devastating tornado!

Now the robotic creatures are falling rapidly from the sky, each one electrically charged from the storm, wreaking havoc wherever they land. To make matters worse the real animals are nowhere to be seen…

Join our unlikely heroes as they set off on an endless animal-dodging journey, to rescue the missing animals and find a way to fix the weather!



Rainimals is the first game to be released by Guilty Goat, a new mobile game studio. Creating this brand has been a labour of love that we hope to extend into future mediums, including educational apps, children’s books and toys.

We started throwing ideas for the concept around in May 2015, followed by turning these into working prototypes. The theme of the game revolves around the old English expression “It’s raining cats and dogs”, which is typically used to mean it’s raining heavily. However we decided to take the literal phrase and see if we could turn it into something fun!

Our inspirations for the characters in the game came from the Mr Men series of books from the 1970’s. Like in Mr Men, each of the Rainimals characters has a distinct graphical style and personality, conveyed as an emotion that defines their name, colour, and animated expressions.

Full development was underway by August 2015, working towards a simultaneous iOS and Android launch, learning and working with Unity as our game engine. Animating the characters and integrating cool features like the power-ups and challenges were really fun, and we hope people will appreciate these.

As a free-to-play game, something we are keen on is not letting IAPs or advertisements get too much in the way, so we have tried to keep these to a minimum. Our aim is to get the game into the hands of as many people as possible, and that they enjoy the animal-dodging experience as much as we did making it!


Future Updates

We have many plans for updating Rainimals over the next few months. Look out for the following, coming soon!

  • New Characters: additional free and unlockable characters to collect
  • More Worlds: exciting new locations to visit, complete with new power-ups
  • Extra Challenges: even more fiendishly difficult challenges to beat



About Guilty Goat

Guilty Goat is a brand new mobile game studio, a new venture from Mr Memory, the UK’s leading computer memory retailer.

Founded in August 2015, we are a 2-man team with experience in designing websites, developing database solutions, and building PC/console games. During 2015 we decided to step into the mobile gaming arena, creating our first game alongside maintaining www.mrmemory.co.uk.

Our aim is to develop family-friendly games with emotion and passion! By combining our enthusiasm with skills we have learned in various backgrounds and a love for arcade gaming, we hope to offer unique and quirky games accessible to everyone!

The Team:
Sam Edwards – Lead Developer
Paul Cooper – Lead Artist


Further Information