Rainimals Inbound!

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The storm is coming! Over the last months we have made great strides finalising the last few features of the game…

Integrating sound was great fun in many ways, because it brought the characters to life, although it was sometimes frustrating trying to find sound effects for the more obscure animals such as the tortoise and fox! It is quite amusing watching someone playing the game and seeing their reaction to funny animal sounds when they are almost hit by a robot from above, or the idle sounds when on the game menus.

It has been tough recently working through and fixing bugs, there have been several late nights in the office banging our heads against a wall whilst eating pizza! Some bugs have been quite funny, for example today I noticed that the tornado power-up wasn’t behaving as it should. It’s meant to suck the robot clones back up into the sky but instead they were putting up a fight against the wind and going in the opposite direction!

Finally we are now reaching the closing stages of development. We are already planning our beta test phase (you can register to sign up here), which we expect to begin by mid-November. We hope you can help us out! At the same time we are preparing our gameplay trailer video for launch, so keep an eye out for that soon!

We hope to launch the game to iOS and Android platforms in December, so watch this space!