Welcome to Rainimals

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Hi there! Welcome to the wacky world of Rainimals!

The team here at Guilty Goat are super excited about Rainimals, a new mobile game we’ve been working on that we think you’ll love… come join us on an endless animal-dodging journey like you’ve never seen before!

We have carefully blended together all the ingredients that we know make a fun and highly addictive game, and combined them with characters with personality and emotions. To top it all off we’ve thrown in lots of weather-related twists and turns, and given the game a difficulty that takes us back to the challenge of all those classic arcade games of the 80’s.

So far we’ve been developing the core gameplay mechanics, which means the controls, infinite scrolling levels, and tuning the difficulty. Our graphics artist has been kept busy designing our unique characters and bringing them to life with intriguing and in some cases quite amusing animations! Our programmer has been coding some interesting new features that will be revealed shortly, and crafting the design of the levels.

Look back here soon and keep an eye on our social media pages, as we’ll keep you posted with all the latest news on how the game is developing, sneak previews of what to expect, and even some unique giveaways for our fans!